Azure Cloud: Sql Virtual Machine – Access with Management Studio over Internet

Today I was trying, using Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS), connecting to a Sql Server 2012 instance, installed on a Windows Azure virtual machine, and even if I followed each step of the easy MSDN guide I’ve not been able to connect to it, as if something was blocking the communication port 1433. In fact, despite having opened the endpoint on the virtual machine from the windows azure control panel, I could not connect, when I realized that probably some ports are blocked by default from Microsoft, then I tried to change to a different public port from 1433 to one that has got a number as high as were the others I seen in the control panel, and everything worked out:

Sql Server SSMS To Azure

Honestly, I do not have documentation that actually Microsoft blocks the ports of known services (maybe for security reason), but I’ve not found a way to be able to use the classic 1433 as the public port, instead the random 55890 port perfectly worked.

This is the MSDN guide that I followed

I hope this advice will face save valuable minutes if not hours