Sql Server: Backup all the databases of the instance


They told me (Alessandro Alpi), to don’t blog this 🙂 because there’s a lot of this stuff out there, but this my blog, and it is too cool when developing in load testing environment, and you need to backup, try load test data, and restore previous version, so forgive me about this:

sys.sp_MSforeachdb @command1 = N'BACKUP DATABASE [?] TO DISK = N''C:\_Databases\_Backup\Databases\?.bak'' WITH NOFORMAT, INIT'

Change the “C:\_Databases\_Backup\Databases\” into your default BackupDirectory found in the instance facets, to avoid security problem.


[MVP Summit 2014] Roslyn Hackathon, Analyzers!!


Today with my Italian friends (Raffaele Rialdi aka Raf, Marco Minerva and Renato Marzaro), we’re working on Roslyn, the new open source C# compiler by Microsoft community, in detail today we’re working on creating new analyzers, that helps developer with live feedback while developing, like validating a regular expression, before going live and see the exception at runtime, an analyzer can provide such a feedback while writing code / at compile-time.

Marco Minerva and me, we’re working on a regular expression analyzer, to help find if the literal regex written in code is valid, before run the application, will be just a prototype, and if it will works 🙂 will be push it on github (check our repo, starting from next week).

Stay tuned!! 🙂