EF7 Provider Building Blocks

One Unicorn

In this post I’ll outline the basic building blocks needed for an EF7 provider. The idea is not to show how everything should be implemented, but rather to show what pieces are needed and how they fit together. The best examples of EF7 providers are the SQL Server and SQLite providers, which ca both be found in the EF repro on GitHub.

EF7 providers should be shipped as NuGet packages. This post does not cover NuGet packaging, but you can look at the GitHib repro for some ideas on how to do this.

Note that EF7 is still very much pre-release software and the types and APIs described here are likely to change as we evolve towards the RTM release.

Dependency Injection

EF7 makes extensive use of dependency injection (DI). That is, EF is a collection of services that work together and depend on each other largely through constructor injection…

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