RabbitMQ: Completely Hard Reset a RabbitMQ Server Installation


Probably the most exciting thing of this post is the funny image of RabbitMQ’s cleaner 🙂

Yes, you can also reset the RabbitMQ instance, by running these commands:

rabbitmqctl.bat stop_app

rabbitmqctl.bat reset

rabbitmqctl.bat start_app


…but sometimes could be necessary to clean up stuff, especially when you have played around cluster, multiple node on the same machine, ad so on.

It took me a while to figure out who was maintaining a reference to the %appdata%\RabbitMQ folder, even after I uninstalled Erlang, so here’s the simple steps:

  1. Uninstall RabbitMQ Server
  2. Kill the process epmd.exe (this was the process maintaning a reference to the RabbitMQ folder)
  3. Delete the folder RabbitMQ that is under %appdata%
    rabbitmq-folder-wont-delete If you also want to change the erlang cookie, you will need to delete also the file “.erlang.cookie” that you find under your users folder %userprofile%
    rabbitmq-erlang-cookie If you have a cluster and remove .erlang.cookie the node would no be able to rejoin the cluster
  4. Reinstall RabbitMQ Server


That’s all folks!

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