[MVP Summit 2014] Roslyn Hackathon, Analyzers!!


Today with my Italian friends (Raffaele Rialdi aka Raf, Marco Minerva and Renato Marzaro), we’re working on Roslyn, the new open source C# compiler by Microsoft community, in detail today we’re working on creating new analyzers, that helps developer with live feedback while developing, like validating a regular expression, before going live and see the exception at runtime, an analyzer can provide such a feedback while writing code / at compile-time.

Marco Minerva and me, we’re working on a regular expression analyzer, to help find if the literal regex written in code is valid, before run the application, will be just a prototype, and if it will works 🙂 will be push it on github (check our repo, starting from next week).

Stay tuned!! 🙂

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