How to open and close Flyouts in Universal apps using MVVM

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Some times ago we talked about how to open attached Flyouts and close them using custom behaviors and MVVM. This was necessary because the Flyout control doesn’t expose properties to control its visibility, so we need to use its ShowAt and Hide methods explicitly.

While this approach works correctly, we can obtain the same result in a more elegant way with two simple Attached Properties. The following is a generic version of the implementation shown in the article Using Windows 8.1 Flyout with MVVM and works with every control, not only buttons (remember, in fact, that we can attach a Flyout on any FrameworkElement).

Let’s start creating a FlyoutHelper class:

This code adds an IsOpen Attached Property to flyout objects. When it changes (lines 22-39), we check whether we want to open or close the Flyout: in the first case, we call the ShowAt method (lines 32), that actually…

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