RabbitMQ: Use the new rabbitmq.conf file on Windows

To use the new rabbitmq.conf file on windows you must re-install the service to let it use the conf file, and the file must exists on disk before you re-install the service.

Here’s the steps to enable the new rabbitmq.conf file:

  1. Go to the rabbitmq folder, usually “%appdata%\RabbitMQ”
  2. Create a file named “rabbitmq.conf” (if you want you can take the example file from github)
  3. Open the command prompt from start menu using the link “RabbitMQ Command Prompt (sbin dir)”
  4. Stop the service
    rabbitmq-service stop
  5. Remove the service
    rabbitmq-service remove
  6. Install the service
    rabbitmq-service install
  7. Start the service
    rabbitmq-service start

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